Every YouTuber's Apology (The Music Video)

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Every CSpostsr’s apology video is always the same old song and dance, so we turned it into one. Literally.
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Courtney Miller // co_mill
Shayne Topp // shaynetopp
Damien Haas // damienhaas
Olivia Sui // oliviasui
Keith Leak Jr. // keithleakjr
Kimmy Jimenez // kimmydoesstuf
Songwriters: Tommy Bowe, Shayne Topp, Monica Vasandani, Kurt Maloney & Ryan Finnerty
Music Production: Tommy Bowe
Editor: Mike Small
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Director: Ryan Finnerty
Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Production Assistant: Jacqi Jones
Production Assistant: Corinda Hayes
DP: Brennan Iketani
Camera Operator: Kevin Rygg
Gaffer / AC: Dustin Bloodgood
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
Wardrobe: Athena Lawson
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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Thea marie
Thea marie Před 21 hodinou
I love courtney!!!!
lostseouls Před dnem
this song is a banger admit it
frewtioper Před 3 dny
Snorlaxfan 3000
Snorlaxfan 3000 Před 6 dny
This has to the best hit ever!! Please see my comment I have been watching since 2005 biggest fan in the world best channel one CSposts!
sav Před 6 dny
Half of them shouldn't have apologized in the first place.
bailey santiago
bailey santiago Před 7 dny
The Avocado Whisperer
The Avocado Whisperer Před 7 dny
Bruh we gonna ignore Keith’s singing??
The Avocado Whisperer
The Avocado Whisperer Před 7 dny
Ngl I can kinda tell who a lot of these youtubers are or are at least based off of and they are QUAKING
Aelorus Před 8 dny
This isnt realistic. They never did the "i never wanted to make this video"
R 85
R 85 Před 8 dny
Just watched the James Charles vid and this autoplayed next... CSposts throwing shaaaaaaade 🤣
ginn n
ginn n Před 10 dny
James should see this.
Robert Ernest
Robert Ernest Před 11 dny
Aaah, fuck, nostalgia on seeing Ian... I want Anthony back
Gcool243 Před 11 dny
I wish they wouldn’t have made Courtney’s voice so robotic cuz she actually has a nice voice
Ingi Rafn Ólafsson
Ingi Rafn Ólafsson Před 11 dny
True so true
Quinten Guajardo
Quinten Guajardo Před 12 dny
Keith had some pretty good singing at the end
Tamitha Rose
Tamitha Rose Před 14 dny
Everyone talking about different youtubers: Me: Shayne and Ian's eyes look really blue in this.
marie ducamp
marie ducamp Před 14 dny
And the singing even though it is edited
marie ducamp
marie ducamp Před 14 dny
No cap that beat kinda fresh
Darkened Před 14 dny
why is this an actual bop
NearlyHenry Před 15 dny
Dameron really thinks he’s covering up his homosexuality by being homophobic
Ip Chun Ashton
Ip Chun Ashton Před 15 dny
The dislikes are probably be from the you tubers that made the bs apologies lol
Olivia Shanks
Olivia Shanks Před 16 dny
Where is Noah as James Charles?! Also, who is Olivia supposed to be?
Daisy Lyrics
Daisy Lyrics Před 16 dny
The fact that I want to rewatch this is sad 😞
CłoudySkies Před 16 dny
“That I didn’t DM underaged fans” *James Charles has left the chat*
Me And only me
Me And only me Před 17 dny
All the dislikes are from the CSpostsrs that so this Faxxxxxxxxxx
KittenWaveEXE Před 18 dny
I miss the old smosh, but THIS IS AWESOME AND I LOVE IT >:)
NearlyHenry Před 18 dny
Can smosh just become a music channel I legit wouldn’t mind
Bennett Earl Morales
Bennett Earl Morales Před 18 dny
me literally rewatching this and seeing 666 dislikes O-O
Mackenzie S.
Mackenzie S. Před 19 dny
Shayne's crying looks real
dWeeb _ison
dWeeb _ison Před 19 dny
I felt that “I’m having a breakdown” part deep within my soul
Audrey Caberte
Audrey Caberte Před 20 dny
definitely not memorized the whole song
Jonathan Hield
Jonathan Hield Před 20 dny
Bruh Courtney was throwing it back at the end.
Yuu Nishinoya
Yuu Nishinoya Před 20 dny
Omg Smosh! We’ll “always” forgive you... no need to apologize
Richard Chris
Richard Chris Před 20 dny
David Dobrik James Charles
B_WAVYYY Před 20 dny
keith at the end. my dude can hit it
Егор Макаренков
Егор Макаренков Před 20 dny
Every americans be like:
Caden All Day
Caden All Day Před 21 dnem
Well Keith can say the N word
Ruby Fuller
Ruby Fuller Před 21 dnem
Where is Noah
B E Před 22 dny
David Dobrik right now lol
·scarlet· blossom
·scarlet· blossom Před 22 dny
'' _''_
Sheyna Marie Lazado
Sheyna Marie Lazado Před 22 dny
Came back to this after David Dobrik’s apology video haha
Nitro Před 23 dny
Keith my favorite singer
Frank Walker
Frank Walker Před 23 dny
The E-boy scene is more realistic then actual E-boys! 😂
Kenny Studios
Kenny Studios Před 24 dny
CallMeCarson: *watches video* Also CallMeCarson: it’s funny because I did one of those things
skye hill
skye hill Před 24 dny
itsmekyle_- Před 24 dny
Bruh how I love to see more videos like this. I hope they'll make more🥺
EnderwaveYT Před 25 dny
Ngl, this is *sus*
Charles Zulas
Charles Zulas Před 25 dny
Is it good or bad that I don't know or care about any these people they are mocking. Video is fun anyway.
mr man man
mr man man Před 25 dny
auto tune.exe
Zanvex Před 25 dny
Are you sure this isnt a real apology video?
Biscuit Face7
Biscuit Face7 Před 26 dny
I was watching this and i was thinking "well the examples are overdramatic but this is funny" then i remembered what logan paul did.
AdvaitWahiGames Před 27 dny
they created sus
Kylee Krieger
Kylee Krieger Před 28 dny
Jade’s in the Basement
Jade’s in the Basement Před 28 dny
Gotta add that iconic sigh
Turtlefin Před 28 dny
Why does Damian look like bakugo if he didn't get into UA?
Meghaa Gobi
Meghaa Gobi Před 29 dny
this song slaps so hard!!! why doesn't it have more views???!!
Fatn33k Před měsícem
I ship keith and courtney since 2015
Woolust Před 26 dny
@Fatn33k Because its customary for me to do that if I don't know people or better yet when I'm speaking about a serious topic, otherwise I'm not serious at all.
Fatn33k Před 27 dny
@Woolust ok but why did u speak si formal
Woolust Před 27 dny
@Fatn33k I didn't write a whole project. I was trying to explain to you as to why shipping irl people together romantically is bad and tends to have negative effects on their friendship.
Woolust Před 27 dny
@Fatn33k Well.. The definition of shipping means hoping and or wanting 2 people to be in a romantic relationship together.. So maybe "Ship" ain't the right word.
Fatn33k Před 27 dny
@Woolust didnt need to write a whole project
Stay_Islander TV
Stay_Islander TV Před měsícem
Purple Před měsícem
Yodeling Yoda
Yodeling Yoda Před měsícem
Shayne- FaZe Jarvis(or not) Olivia- James Charles Damien- FaZe Jarvis(maybe) Kimmy- Laura Lee Ian- Logan Paul or Carson Keith and Court- ???
Christel Torres
Christel Torres Před 11 dny
Keith and Court - Myka Stauffer and Her husband Myka rehomed her adopted son who was disabled, she was a bad mom for abusing him or neglecting.
Karen Farhad Sattari
Karen Farhad Sattari Před 22 dny
Damien is Carson
Britny Williams
Britny Williams Před měsícem
Mr makes Videos
Mr makes Videos Před měsícem
Man I miss the old smosh the old smosh were so much funnier like I still love smosh it's just not the same anymore
Jessica Reahm
Jessica Reahm Před měsícem
It’s just that fact that this is tru see this is why I love smosh they keep everything real and don’t care about drama
Cédric Rüfenacht
Cédric Rüfenacht Před měsícem
damn, this is the best smosh video in a while
SILVERSPOON Před měsícem
What if they did something wrong and they need to make an apology video :DDDD
heyysimone Před měsícem
Who are shayne and damien shading?
El Fiore
El Fiore Před měsícem
In another dimension, they really WERE making apology videos.
Syphex Před měsícem
This hits different after OnlyJayus
Woolust Před 28 dny
Huh I know she was a tik tokker but what happened?
Herwitara Rayhan11
Herwitara Rayhan11 Před měsícem
bro why do keith looks like kawhi leonard lol
FBI Open up
FBI Open up Před měsícem
I love how obvious it is who the people they are
Lemuel, The Aided One
Lemuel, The Aided One Před měsícem
Damien's looking good with that Carson cosplay!
Jazzy W
Jazzy W Před měsícem
Why is this an absolute bop
Andrea Perunicic
Andrea Perunicic Před měsícem
Oh God...the song is amazing it self,but Keith in the end... wow 😲😲😲
Sameer Ramdass
Sameer Ramdass Před měsícem
This is so accurate
Haruo Hideaki
Haruo Hideaki Před měsícem
Kimmy was crying while singing she’s so good at acting sad
Marium Ali
Marium Ali Před měsícem
After watching this all I can say is that this is a master piece.
Ethan Robles Rojas
Ethan Robles Rojas Před měsícem
thats rasist
DAVID Před měsícem
I said "play music" on the youtube voice feature and got this😂
Kailer Před měsícem
MacDoesIt's "apology": "sorry people watch me"
Joanna Corduan
Joanna Corduan Před měsícem
I’m surprised no one is talking about the Dr Mike apology video
Samantha Garcia
Samantha Garcia Před měsícem
Keith's voice doe-
-Pool Tin Vlog-
-Pool Tin Vlog- Před měsícem
I forgot that Courtney was a girl at the e-boy part
Moldy _CheeseBoy
Moldy _CheeseBoy Před měsícem
“Sorry for saying the n-word...” Keith:*EMERGENCY MEETING*
Mr doggy Pom Pom
Mr doggy Pom Pom Před měsícem
This some good stuff
Richard Stephens
Richard Stephens Před měsícem
this can litteraly be nikita draguns theme XD
Frank Walker
Frank Walker Před měsícem
Keith has such an amazing voice.
Gecko63rtm Před měsícem
Damian look like bakugou tho
ASMRfloss Před měsícem
the sighs were on point!
Harry Asimellis
Harry Asimellis Před měsícem
2:10 she's having a 🎶 breakdown breakdown 🎶 for all the jojo fans
scott smith
scott smith Před měsícem
Keith's face when it said "Saying The N Word" 😭
Michelle Knauff
Michelle Knauff Před měsícem
Driving drunk at kid’s party, pphhh! Nothing wrong
Michelle Knauff
Michelle Knauff Před měsícem
Nobody has any reason to apologize in this video
Tyson Pittman
Tyson Pittman Před měsícem
is this real because
David Leary
David Leary Před měsícem
bruh this video only got 726,332 views
KErt Před měsícem
why isn't thins on spotify
Dominic McPherson
Dominic McPherson Před měsícem
Keith is pog
Neon_Bandit Před měsícem
Why isn’t this trending???
DayFern Před měsícem
Friend: what kind of music do you listen to Me: it's complicated
Claudia Chen
Claudia Chen Před měsícem
Who are Damien and E-boy TikTok Courtney supposed to be? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I know who the others are. Ian: Pewdiepie Courtney and Keith: Myka & James Stauffer Olivia: James Charles Shane: Logan Paul Kimmy: Laura Lee Damien: ? E-boy TikTok Courtney: ?
Nathan Mesadieu
Nathan Mesadieu Před měsícem
I'm ashamed at my self that I didn't realize this was a song till they started singing I was legit like oh wow they really synced this up well it almost sounds like a beat
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