My $400,000 Van Life

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Does Almond’s $400,000 van life stand up next to a totally tricked out live-in school bus? Dump your gray water and grab your granola because we’re about to find out!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Courtney Miller // co_mill
Noah Grossman // noahgrossman214
Director: Ryan Finnerty
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
Written By: Monica Vasandani and Kurt Maloney
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Production Assistant: Jacqi Jones
DP: Brennan Iketani
Camera Operator: Kevin Rygg
Gaffer / AC: Dustin Bloodgood
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
Wardrobe: Cassidy Kean
Editor: Mike Small
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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Shadic MCGS
Shadic MCGS Před 2 hodinami
If she goes any quieter/softer, she'll be an ASMR CSpostsr.
Rayan Adam Tv
Rayan Adam Tv Před 8 hodinami
Your not better then me I’m better then you little girl
bj chawal
bj chawal Před 2 dny
All things considered, Noah jumps higher.
Pink banana Doopios
Pink banana Doopios Před 3 dny
I have a drawer inside a drawer inside a drawer inside a drawer inside a drawer
Bubbles Gaming
Bubbles Gaming Před 5 hodinami
Inside a drawer
Ruby Fuller
Ruby Fuller Před 3 dny
Where did you get the van
Alec's gaming corner mobile
Alec's gaming corner mobile Před 3 dny
1:38 O MY GOD
Kirito Senpai
Kirito Senpai Před 4 dny
They hit the nail on the head i legit just watched a video where a guy said he realized all he needed to live permanently in his van was 100 000$ and thats pretty easy to get
Paige Corbett
Paige Corbett Před 5 dny
Νεκτάριος Στάγγος
Νεκτάριος Στάγγος Před 5 dny
The guy looks like a jojo character
Bubbles Gaming
Bubbles Gaming Před 5 hodinami
Milda Žakevičiūtė
Milda Žakevičiūtė Před 6 dny
If there so eco-friendly why are they using cars? 😶
Ronan Schwartz
Ronan Schwartz Před 7 dny
Try living on a sail boat for three years
Dimagon Před 7 dny
ZAKAPLANK Před 7 dny
what the heck lol
Seamus Quain
Seamus Quain Před 7 dny
Oh, Millenials!
metallica4567 Před 9 dny
Check out Truck House Life his tiny truck house he built it's awesome!
Trase Gorsuch
Trase Gorsuch Před 11 dny
Why can't Smosh be more like Brandon Rogers?
Trase Gorsuch
Trase Gorsuch Před 10 dny
@Wolfie • Chan I guess you're right.
Wolfie • Chan
Wolfie • Chan Před 10 dny
Because they aren't Brandon Rogers??
iris olivas
iris olivas Před 11 dny
All jokes aside I actually want to live in a van 😂
Gas Wolf
Gas Wolf Před 11 dny
Lol Noah looks like a cowboy
Bonk Před 11 dny
I would honestly live in the van
Cyan Před 11 dny
“i can jump higher: Anthony:Pathetic.
Cyan Před 11 dny
Only OG’s understand
RJ Long
RJ Long Před 12 dny
Dumpster luvin
SIR. POG Před 12 dny
Noah is a fortnite character.
Zombiecam1 Zombie
Zombiecam1 Zombie Před 13 dny
Mahalo fellow drifter me* WTF
TwazzerAU Před 13 dny
Imagine the people watching them film this
Freddie Wardrop
Freddie Wardrop Před 13 dny
Mr beast: my 1 milion dollar island life
BRACEwits Před 13 dny
I’m actually impressed with how high Noah can jump and that he didn’t land on his sunglasses
Ryan Cook
Ryan Cook Před 14 dny
No 399,000 u burn 100£
Lightning Martinez
Lightning Martinez Před 15 dny
bro this is so ture-
PenguiinTube Před 15 dny
U tihnk this video is 500 minte but its 459
Benis Před 15 dny
it's probably the least eco-friendly way of life
Sandler Před 15 dny
The ending literally just turned into ⬛️🟧
a2go Před 16 dny
Didn’t even realize this was smosh
ViaisLame Před 16 dny
El Niño
El Niño Před 16 dny
1:09 🤣🤣🤣
Gippo Před 16 dny
_|_ BBC
Wendy Skura
Wendy Skura Před 17 dny
Zero Two
Zero Two Před 17 dny
Why you are acting like 12 years old
Just Some Guy with a Thicc Mustache
Just Some Guy with a Thicc Mustache Před 18 dny
Almond? Jesus Christ, I can tell that she’s definitely a tree hugger.
Zana Gonzales
Zana Gonzales Před 18 dny
This is a pair I didn't know i needed. Lol
Joseph Moleski
Joseph Moleski Před 19 dny
lol i kinda feel like she was supposed to be a hippie
Kermit and elmo
Kermit and elmo Před 19 dny
Where the hell you get the school bus
Chance Richardson
Chance Richardson Před 19 dny
The only thing that makes these less believable is that they claim to want to be sustainable But use oil, diesel vehicles
Zoe Thompson
Zoe Thompson Před 20 dny
2:03 I love how he says "I keep my protein in here. Don't worry its only bugs. I don't eat anything that used to have a soul" ... Bugs used to be alive
Zoe Thompson
Zoe Thompson Před 20 dny
What did you guys do with the van after this 😂
Dexieboui Před 20 dny
I could buy house
Matt Kong
Matt Kong Před 20 dny
Noah is like the perfect rival
Meerkat ADV
Meerkat ADV Před 20 dny
The best part is there are two people out there who actually own the vehicles in question who are definitely feeling attacked right now...
terra is actually the goddess of earth so yeah its true
Oguz Avci
Oguz Avci Před 20 dny
Is not Mercedes Benz ven
CookieMagic Před 20 dny
xD when he came in and it zoomed in on him it was cringe XD good actors been fan for 3 years
The second Warren
The second Warren Před 20 dny
Bareli Z
Bareli Z Před 20 dny
3:08 gosh the anxiety I got from watching Noah jump around the sunglasses
Bareli Z
Bareli Z Před 20 dny
This video just... went iN.
Aaruniva Před 20 dny
let me get this straight: you're deadass paying over a hundred thousand dollars. TO. BE. HOMELESS.
Drake Abreu
Drake Abreu Před 21 dnem
There life is just flexing
Paisley Owen
Paisley Owen Před 21 dnem
Gia Dicarlo
Gia Dicarlo Před 21 dnem
I would actually watch Almond
am bored
am bored Před 21 dnem
Nope goodbye
Erin Talmadge
Erin Talmadge Před 21 dnem
I think Noah can jump high
Jason Grauber
Jason Grauber Před 21 dnem
this video shows wight ppl really can't jump
Tristan Ortega
Tristan Ortega Před 22 dny
Fun fact: Acai Bowls may contain 50% of your daily sugar limit
darthmaul3pic Před 22 dny
LOL this video is SO FUNNY thank you smosh
Jesse Degraftenreed
Jesse Degraftenreed Před 21 dnem
I know right
MyBean Před 22 dny
This was good, thanks Smosh gang
Sm3llyfartZ gaming
Sm3llyfartZ gaming Před 23 dny
Where the hell do u take a bath
Dark Gons
Dark Gons Před 23 dny
Where the shut up opening
Andoy Doy
Andoy Doy Před 23 dny
Jesus Loves all of you
Sebastian Poole
Sebastian Poole Před 23 dny
The enchanted mine pathologically reproduce because veterinarian covalently sin at a royal deficit. broad, thick answer
Raymond Langbein
Raymond Langbein Před 23 dny
His food glove is genius.
hamstory Před 23 dny
Can anyone explain of how "Rainer" managed to lick a finger of dirt from the road
Cure Aging
Cure Aging Před 23 dny
A honda fit drives by
Ruhin Rahi
Ruhin Rahi Před 23 dny
Ahhhh, so this is what would happen to Britta if she didn't go to Greendale...good to know.
juicethekidd games
juicethekidd games Před 24 dny
Bryan Yap
Bryan Yap Před 24 dny
What is this video
PPDX Před 25 dny
Nailed it! Haha
Malia Paresa
Malia Paresa Před 25 dny
maholo means Thank you
Golldii Před 25 dny
sarah boddy
sarah boddy Před 25 dny
Well I was watching this I saw another video from Smoosh called “ Every family vacation Ever “ lol
Ur ur Djdjjdj
Ur ur Djdjjdj Před 25 dny
Don’t be a dog gimme a ciggy
Tanner Kutza
Tanner Kutza Před 25 dny
2:55(when baby’s fight)
Da Bois
Da Bois Před 26 dny
Low key I’d be down to live in a van
Jackson Carter
Jackson Carter Před 27 dny
Isnt burning money illegal
9H Christian Wilfredo
9H Christian Wilfredo Před 27 dny
The music and sped up transitions are really Architectural Digest-esque
Brad Schmaling
Brad Schmaling Před 27 dny
Do you have protection we can use my eating glove that’s hot
jaden kroker
jaden kroker Před 28 dny
Lmao yeah
Frostarmy N7
Frostarmy N7 Před 28 dny
3:10 Insert "Freakin' bath salts" guy here.
John Dominc Bajamundi
John Dominc Bajamundi Před 29 dny
Who do you think is better
Shape Shift Inc.
Shape Shift Inc. Před 29 dny
This was a public service video. It belongs in the CSposts archives. One day this video will be remembered just like holy ghost.
McBenMan 1
McBenMan 1 Před 29 dny
These hippies belong in Grünerløkka
DarkCircle 13
DarkCircle 13 Před 29 dny
i mean her van is pretty dope.
John Doe
John Doe Před 29 dny
This is Smosh now? Where is Ian and Anthony?
Internet Crush Story Dubs
Internet Crush Story Dubs Před 29 dny
Smash: I’m better than you :mrbeast Hold my beer I have Lambos and teslas
Agent Arav
Agent Arav Před 29 dny
"i got my eating glove" oh now I can`t take that image out of my mind
Tango Topics Videos
Tango Topics Videos Před měsícem
The only thing missing from that is the bullshit views out the back of your van, which do happen but not in this lifetime. Other than that...funny video.
Ryder Krugman
Ryder Krugman Před měsícem
Aaron Oshea
Aaron Oshea Před měsícem
Dont brake the money i would glady take that
Redblade Ninja
Redblade Ninja Před měsícem
“Um plants used to be alive “ technically his true doe lol 😂 every organism that is multicelular and unicelular is alive so wether you eat plants, bugs or meat doesn’t matter cuz you’re still eating something that is alive, just different form of living (even bacteria is alive so almost everything is alive on earth, wether they have a soul or not that’s a different personal thing, doesn’t have to do with living honestly) Hahahahahah science is great 💀
moremoney2 Před měsícem
Very well done. More real than most people know. True virtue signaling. Hahaha. I love Blond roasted almonds and Sprinter Fords, but dumpster sex; not so much.
KillJoy Since2017
KillJoy Since2017 Před měsícem
They way they decorated the van is pretty cool though
Space Game
Space Game Před měsícem
2:50 Me when i ate 4 spicy food for 1 day
skot skot
skot skot Před měsícem
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